Profit from our 20 years’ experience developing driver-training techniques
in the world’s most dangerous environments.

Life for a Security Driver can change in a heartbeat. A routine patrol suddenly becomes an ambush. A short VIP escort turns into a critical life-or-dead situation.


Survival requires making the right decisions, and making the right decisions requires understanding the tools and circumstances available to you. Failing to understand this will inevitably result in defeat.


Develop the right mindset to allow you to command any tool under any situation to the edge of its capability, regardless of the circumstances. Scenarios mean absolutely nothing without the proper skills.


Prepare for the unthinkable.

Creating the required mindset.

We combined exceptional techniques from the racing industry, law enforcement, and the military to take already experienced drivers to the next level.


Our experts use cutting-edge technologies and engineering to create a comprehensive curriculum that will change the way you operate a motor vehicle forever. Based on deliberate practice, our courses enable drivers to improve their reaction instincts, decision making, and above all, survivability.


Our drivers see different, feel different, and react different, because, to them, nothing comes as a surprise while driving.

Intensive training develops real-world skills.

AS3’s training ensures real-life conditions through the use of state-of-the-art technology and engineering; onboard computers measure everything that is going on with the car guaranteeing two things:


  1. That the forces being applied to the vehicle accurately resemble real life
  2. That the driver is using the correct percentage of the vehicle in relation to a standard. 


Could this be done without computers? 

Absolutely; engineers do it all the time, but computers are consistent, unbiased, and considerably more aqurate. Computers can see what is invisible to the human eye. 


We’ve adapted the knowledge and technology from the racing industry to military-training standards and, in the process, created the best driver-training programs anywhere!


Evasive Driving & Accident Avoidance


Courses designed to cover the needs of
any type of profession, from Protective Services to Law Enforcement


Custom courses according to our
client’s needs



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