Profit from our 20 years’ experience developing driver-training techniques
in the world’s most dangerous environments.

Life behind the wheel can change in a heartbeat. A routine patrol suddenly becomes an ambush. A short VIP escort turns into a high-speed chase and hostage abduction. The question for drivers is: do you automatically know the right actions to take, moment-to-moment, in a highly chaotic environment with lives possibly on the line? Learning-on-the-fly how to react is not a viable option. Drivers need to develop critical techniques well ahead of time in order to deal confidently and successfully with unexpected dangers.


This is what AS3 provides.

We employ elite, highly experienced individuals from the racing industry, law enforcement and the military to take even experienced drivers to the next level, with respect to both soft and hard skills.


Our experts use cutting-edge military technologies and extensively researched methodologies to create a comprehensive curriculum. Based on deliberate practice, our courses enable drivers to improve their reaction instincts, actions-on-contact and survivability.

Intensive training develops real-world skills.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and engineering, AS3 training is guaranteed to replicate real-life situations in terms of both the forces applied to the vehicle and the high levels of genuine stress induced in our students.

In this environment, we train students in security techniques that become ingrained habits that kick in at the right time–especially in high-pressure situations where most drivers fail. The point is to be able to outmaneuver opponents without creating the added crisis by losing control and crashing.

AS3’s close collaboration with the car-racing industry over the past 10 years gives you yet another dimension that no other company can rival. We’ve adapted their knowledge and technology to military-training standards and, in the process, created the best driver-training programs anywhere!


Evasive Driving & Accident Avoidance


Courses designed to cover the needs of
any type of profession, from Protective Services to Law Enforcement


Custom courses according to our
client’s needs



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