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The main reason that armed forces and professional protection agents train when everything is calm is that the only chance to survive when the moment comes is to have made all the most critical decisions ahead of time… This can only be achieved through experimentation.

AS3 Driver Training started its journey in the high-threat-environment of Mexico, facing an immutable truth: our guys were getting killed. We understand what it takes to train for an environment where attacks happen on an everyday basis. Drivers were making mistakes that were costing them their lives.


We designed a course that builds the necessary mindset, scientifically known as heuristics, that will allow you to make lightning speed decisions with real information about what the car can and cannot do, ensuring success under the most stressful situations.


And we didn’t just base this on practical experience; we understand that “practice doesn’t make perfect” only the perfect practice makes a perfect skill, just as living in a cave doesn’t make you a geologist.


So we have aligned our techniques to the research of The Society for Automotive Engineers, ASIS International as Members of the Executive Protection Council, and the papers published by the Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences to deliver you the best training anywhere in the world.

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Advanced Driving Skills & Counter-Ambush Tactics & Techniques

Target: Security Drivers, Executive Protection Specialists, Security Professionals | Duration: 20 hrs


This course is considered essential for corporate security and executive protection professionals around the world. Developed by our team of highly trained professionals with a combined 80+ years of experience in real-world, high-threat environments, which includes counter ambush operations against organized crime, this course will provide drivers with valuable insight via a very realistic training platform, separating fact from fiction.


This course generates real, quantifiable skills in the student — a training technique that has shown to achieve a physiological change in the driver’s brain, which in turn creates biomechanical skills through the experimentation and repetition of extreme control under different situations. Having the ability to measure these skills mathematically ensures it is one of the most advanced, realistic training courses in the world.

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Evasive Driving & Accident Avoidance


This is a course designed for drivers of all ages. It is focused on the experimentation of extreme situations, along with the repetition of countermeasures, that would prevent most accidents while driving.


Designed with the thrill of driving in mind, students have claimed this exceptionally dynamic training course to be one of the best experiences of their lives.


This is an excellent course for young, inexperienced drivers as it will teach them the critical skills that are difficult to safely replicate anywhere else. They will learn how the limits of the car function and how they feel, providing a realistic opportunity to learn to drive without vices early on, as well as security techniques to help them anticipate threats and stay out of the kill zone.


The primary benefits expected from this course include:

  • Learn to prevent accidents (94% of accidents are due to human error)
  • Gain confidence behind the wheel
  • Correct bad driving habits
  • Know the limits of the vehicle
  • Learn to maintain control in extreme situations
  • Improve highway driving
  • Prevent common crimes
  • The best experience of their lives, which is proven also to be the most useful
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