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A 2-day driving program for professional security drivers, executive drivers, and protection teams seeking to build specialized skills and determine the proficiency level of their team.

The one training program that certifies the student’s skill level in relation to the vehicle’s capability through the use of on-board computers to measure it scientifically and consistently.

Decisions made under duress have better outcomes when they have been made in advance; the human brain is too slow to be able to react under stress. Our primary goal is to develop in you the security driver mindset, when you have experienced what losing control feels like, you will make better decisions when the situation gets ugly, since all the hard wiring in your brain has been set, preventing you from having to think about the result of every choice, and just do it because you have done it before.

The event will take place at Willow Springs International Raceway, one of the most emblematic race tracks in the world, just an hour’s drive from L.A.

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All our advanced courses are measured in real-time via Racelogic computers; these have the most advanced technology, which allows us to know the skill level of each participant beyond a simple interpretation of the instructor.

At the end of the course, a performance report will be issued, allowing you to understand:

1) the skill level of each of your drivers, and;

2) the ability of each of them to apply these skills in different scenarios with increasing degrees of difficulty and stress;

These reports will allow you to identify the individuals within your team that are the best assets for different types of situations.

According to the State mandate, the COVID-19 precautions taken are as follows:

  • The catering food vendor will implement all COVID food safety and health regulations set by California State.
  • Alcohol clearing supplies will be supplied and on hand for students and staff
  • Facemasks and Nitrile Gloves will be available for students
  • Vehicles will be disinfected prior to a new student stepping into the car
  • Only one instructor and one student allowed in the vehicle per block of instruction
  • Classroom, lunch and staging stations will abide by the 6 ft rule
  • Instructors and students will be required to wear masks while indoors and in the cars

If you would like to suggest additional safety measures please contact us


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Event Details

Thanks for registering for our 2-day Advanced Counter-Ambush Driving Skills Course. Here are some things you need to know:

  1. The course will be held at the Willow Springs International Raceway in California on August 27th and 28th. 
  2. We will meet at the track's entrance at 7:45 a.m. each morning.
  3. We will take care of everything at the track, coffee, snacks, and beverages will be available during the day, and Lunch will be catered on both days. Please let us know if you have a special meal request (i.e., Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.) we will do our best to accommodate you.
  4. You don't need to bring anything special, comfortable clothes, low shoes (no high-heels) and sunglasses are encouraged.

Requirements (As per track's request):

  1. This is an advanced driving course; all attendants must know how to operate a motor vehicle before going through this course.
  2. All drivers are required to present a Valid Drivers License.
  3. The track authority requires that all drivers sign a disclaimer.
  4. Please don't consume alcoholic beverages 24 hours before training.


Accommodations are available at the city of Lancaster, CA, 15 miles away from the track. Let us take care of everything! We created an all-inclusive courtesy package for you that covers EVERYTHING you might need while traveling, take a look at it here.

Start date: October 29, 2020

End date: October 30, 2020

Start time: 08:00 a.m. PDT

End time: 05:00 p.m. PDT

Venue: Willow Springs International Raceway


Phone: 8885099776