Capt. Brandon Rollins

Brandon Rollins

Sr Instructor

One of AS3’s lead instructors in the US, Capt. Rollins has been certified in Mexico for all disciplines needed to bring the necessary skills into the most complex training programs in the world.

Capt. Brandon Rollins was with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office for 20+ years. He has served in the roles of Patrol Deputy, SRO, Narcotics Investigator, Lieutenant of Professional Standards, finally retiring as Captain in charge of the local holding facility.

He is a certified instructor with the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Capt. Rollins is the SWAT team commander and has been a member of the team for 13 years.

He has been awarded the American Legion Award for Bravery, SC Sheriff’s Association Life Saving Award, and was awarded the inaugural “Not Today“award given by PoliceOne and Calibre Press for his involvement in an incident while on duty in November 2011.