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Here’s a brief look at the experts behind AS3 International Inc. Driver Training:

Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio

Co-Founder of AS3 International Inc.
Security & Executive Protection Specialist
Member of ASIS International EP Council

Pablo is an active Member at the Society for Automotive Engineers, ASIS and IBSSA. As a Senior Instructor, he has more than a decade of experience in Vehicle Dynamics, Security and Executive Protection.


Among other qualifications, Pablo is:

Certified in Advanced Vehicle Dynamics by Tony Scotti Driving.

Certified as an Executive Protection Instructor by the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA)

A permanent Radio and TV show Consultant in subjects of security, executive protection and anti-human trafficking

A Consultant to the Mexican Government on Executive Protection Standard development for standardizing EP certification nationwide.

Skilled in K&R Negotiations, Executive Protection and Family Security programs, with 18+ years of experience.

Patricio Ortiz-Monasterio

COO of AS3 Driver Training Mexico
Co Founder of AS3 International
20 yr Professional Race Car Driver

Patricio brings us 15 years of experience in road-course racing, in such categories as Professional Karting 125cc Shifter, TC2000 Stock car and Endurance Racing.


He is also:

A Certified Instructor by Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute (2011) as well as Advanced Vehicle Dynamics by Tony Scotti himself

A Radio, TV and Written Media Consultant for motorsports, specializing in Formula 1 analysis and telemetry

Expert in course design and training techniques with more than 10 years’ experience

Recognized by Bondurant Racing School for top overall achievement in a High-Performance Driving Course

Karl De La Guerra

Executive Vice President, COO and Co-Founder of AS3 International, Inc.
CEO and Founder of Karl De La Guerra, Inc.

As a 38-year veteran of the Protective Services industry, Karl operates KDI Protective Services of South Carolina.

This licensed, statewide private-sector response agency delivers specialized support services to security agencies and other organizations in need of high-level protection operations and training.

Karl is also the Chairman of the International Bodyguard & Security Services Association (IBSSA) based in Hungary.

Joshua Palmer

AS3 International In-Country Representative
VP of Business Development
Chief Instructor

Josh is the face of the company within the US, being a certified senior instructor for AS3 International and head of all US operations.

Staff Sergeant Army Veteran, Josh has more than 20 years experience in the security industry.

Joshua is also a Member of KDI’s International Executive Protection and Special Projects Teams.

Lt. Brandon Rollins

AS3 Certified Instructor

Lt. Brandon Rollins has been with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office for 19 years. He has served in the roles of Patrol Deputy, SRO, Narcotics Investigator, and is currently the Lieutenant of Professional Standards.

He is a certified instructor with the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

Lt. Rollins is the SWAT team commander and has been a member of the team for 13 years.

He has been awarded the American Legion Award for Bravery, SC Sheriff’s Association Life Saving Award, and was awarded the inaugural “Not Today“award given by PoliceOne and Calibre Press for his involvement in an incident while on duty in November 2011.

Lt. Joshua Solomon

AS3 Certified Instructor

Lt. Solomon presently serves as the Training Unit supervisor for the York County Sheriff’s Office, overseeing a contingent of around 50 instructors, as well as coordinating our Field Training Program which accounts for 14 additional FTO’s.


Prior to this assignment, He has served the York County Sheriff’s Office in many capacities, including the roles of Training Sgt, K9 Handler, SRO, Shift Supervisor, and Traffic Enforcement Officer.

South Carolina Training Officer’s Association

Vice President & Conference Organizer October 2014 – Present



Certified Training Manager – SCCJA

Certified BID – SCCJA

FTO Manager – SCCJA

MACP Instructor – US Army

Krav Maga Instructor

Tactical Shooting Instructor – NRA

Firearms Instructor – SCCJA

Driving Instructor – SCCJA

Defensive Tactics (PPCT) and Ground Defense Instructor – SCCJA

SFST Instructor – NHTSA & SCCJA

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