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Professional Driving courses are based on experimentation and repetition of critical situations to achieve a bio-mechanical memory within the student so that he “knows” how to react automatically at a moment of high stress. This can only be achieved through experimentation.

Advanced Driving Skills & Counter-Ambush Tactics & Techniques


This course is considered essential for corporate security and executive protection professionals around the world. Developed by our team of highly trained professionals with a combined 80+ years of experience in real-world, high-threat environments, which includes counter ambush operations against organized crime, this course will provide drivers with valuable insight via a very realistic training platform, separating fact from fiction.


This course generates real, quantifiable skills in the student — a training technique that has shown to achieve a physiological change in the driver’s brain, which in turn creates biomechanical skills through the experimentation and repetition of extreme control under different situations. Having the ability to measure these skills mathematically ensures it is one of the most advanced, realistic training courses in the world.

Executives & Families


Our Evasive Driving & Accident Avoidance Courses remove the element of surprise when the vehicle approaches its limits, enabling better decision-making and control, resulting in better, more secure drivers.

Security Drivers


These courses cover the needs of any type of profession, from Protective Services to Law Enforcement, thus making them the most versatile courses in America.

Specialized Courses


We’ll customize a course specifically to your needs, from armored SUVs to tactical vehicles to high-speed pursuits. We’ve gone further than anyone, testing even full-contact exercises on brand new cars.

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