How We Measure Performance

Tactical skills constantly improve,
thanks to objective evaluations.

Designed with the Team Manager in mind and based on an international standard by IBSSA, AS3’s reports are designed to be consistent and objective by not being subject to human interpretation.


They provide you with accurate, detailed information about the driver’s performance in real-time throughout the course. We determine proficiency by the driver’s ability to control the car in relation to its physical limits.


This enables our instructors to determine skill levels and to push students to an international standard of 80% of the car’s capabilities (as measured in Gs) through stress-filled drills. Our computers, the most advanced available within the racing industry, are exact to 0.1 seconds and 0.1 km/h.

“Computers can measure what the human eye can’t see.”

Why is the 80% Standard so important?

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, most drivers use only 40% of a car’s capability (as measured in lateral acceleration). As they go beyond that, the car no longer behaves as expected, which is the most common reason why drivers lose control.

Through AS3 training, drivers learn how to recognize the limits of a vehicle and how to anticipate every situation without ever losing control. By the end of their training, they have the capability to push the car to its limits and to foresee its reactions–the skill to comfortably control at least 80% of a vehicle’s capability.