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Evasive Driving & Accident Avoidance


Young Drivers, and anyone Driving a motor vehicle


10 hrs

A course designed for drivers of all ages, focused on the experimentation of extreme situations and the repetition of counter measures that would prevent most accidents while driving. Designed to be a fun and very dynamic experience, that has been said to be the one of the best experiences of their lives.


It is a great course for young inexperienced drivers, as it will teach them what nobody will teach them about how the limits of the car feel and work. They will learn to drive without vices from the start.


The main benefits that can be expected are:


  • Learn to prevent accidents (94% of accidents are due to human error)
  • Gain confidence behind the wheel
  • To correct bad driving habits
  • Know the limits of the vehicle
  • Learn to maintain control in extreme situations
  • Improve highway driving
  • Prevent common crimes
  • The best experience of their lives, which has proven to be also the most useful
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The sooner you do, the sooner your drivers will have the skills they need to effectively navigate any hostile action on the road.
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